With multichannel data it is easy to report on multiple channels at once. For instance about the total costs of all campaigns and total revenue generated across all the channels.

Its' easy to configure your data in the ControlCenter. Please contact us if you wish to enable multichannel for cervinoboard or cervinodata.

Multichannel advertising dashboard

This multichannel advertising dashboard is based on cervinodata and shows the results of Adwords, Facebook Ads, Adform, BING Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Analytics in one overview. On top of that, it's possible to add benchmarks or target metrics to compare the plans to reality. Check out more dashboard examples here. This dashboard is built with Klipfolio


And check out the live and interactive demo of the multi-channel advertising dashboard here.

Multichannel advertising tab built with Klipfolio

Features used

For multichannel to be possible, multiple features are needed:

  • Data storage. We save all your data in our secure servers, so we can combine data into one data set.
  • Campaign grouping. This function allows you to select multiple campaigns from more than one channel.
  • Google Analytics connection. With UTM campaign names, the ControlCenter allows you to filter only the revenue and transactions you need.
  • Targets & Benchmarks. Add a benchmark or target to the dataset to compare your budget to your actuals. And to compare your targets to your performance.
  • Multiple accounts. We allow you to combine multiple (Adwords) accounts into one data set so you can easily compare account performance in your dashboard.

How does it work

Please find below the steps you need to take in the ControlCenter to create a multichannel data set or dashboard. The ControlCenter is also available in English, only the screenshots are in Dutch 🙂

Step 1: Add a new campaign

Clients that have multichannel enabled in ControlCenter, its easy to create a new campaign. Just click "Nieuwe campagne toevoegen".

multichannel campagne overzicht

Step 2: Choose your channel(s)

Provide your campaign with the appropriate name and add a start-date and end-date. Then choose which channels you with to add to your multichannel campaign. If needed, you can combine multiple accounts.

Also, for convenience, you can set up an automatic filter ("automatisch filter") to make sure all your campaigns (with the filter name) are added to the multichannel campaign data set.

Multichannel campagnegroepen

Step 4: Choose campaigns for each channel

For each channel, you can determine exactly with campaign needs to be added to the multichannel campaign. It's also possible to filter specific Google Analytics UTM campaign names (and transactions and revenue) to add to your data set.

multichannel campagnes kiezen

Step 4: Add budgets and targets

If you wish, you can insert targets or benchmark metrics to your multichannel campaigns to compare your actuals with your budget/target.

We've added a simple to use calculation tool to split a total budget evenly across the months or auto-fill each month with the same value.


Multichannel budget toevoegen

Step 5: Use as a data set or as part of a dashboard

The campaign you just created is now available as a data set (through or in the dropdown of your dashboard. (through Bekijk hier enkele multichannel dashboards). It's easy to use this data set in Google Data Studio or Klipfolio

In case you have any further questions.