Klipfolio metrics klips

As one of the leading Klipfolio partners in Europe, Cervino Marketing is participating in the Klipfolio metrics klips beta program. With metrics klips a new and easier way to show your data will become possible.

Conclusion: Building dashboards will get a lot easier.

  • In particular the power to change the time interval (from month, to day, to week) is very powerful
  • The way to adjust graphs works very smoothly, even in beta.
  • Metrics klips make it a lot easier to group data (like by default channel group or by customer) without using formulas/

Klipfolio Metrics Klips and Cervinodata

To power up Klipfolio even more, Cervino Marketing is in contact with the Klipfolio Integrations team. The current Cervinodata Klipfolio data connection is a “first version” (check out more here here), maar making a second version is in progress.

The key advantage of Cervinodata is that it allows you to combine data from multiple clients, channels, campaigns, and other dimensions, into one data file, before you use it in Klipfolio.

  • Like all your websites together (i.e. All sessions, by day, by device type, for all your websites.)
  • Multiple Ad platforms in one file (i.e. all costs of Adwords, Facebook Ads, BING Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and other platforms together)

It is not yet clear when Klipfolio metrics will be available, but feel free to follow our blogs or sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

Examples of  Metrics Klips & Cervinodata

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