Klipfolio training in Rotterdam

Outline Klipfolio training

  • Goal is to enable you to build all the most frequently used dashboard types, using the 90% most frequently used datasource formats, formula’s and functions.
  • One fully packed training day (appr. 9 – 17u + drinks) – Training will be in Dutch
  • We’ll keep the groups small (max 12 people)
  • For Klipfolio users that build dashboards for themselves and/or their clients
  • Experience level: for non-techies from beginner to more advanced (see training output to see if this fits your need.).
  • It will be a workshop, so you’ll be doing a lot of building. We will build “the ideal Marketing dashboard” for customer X together.
  • We will also take enough time to look in to the actual issues you might currently have building a dashboard
  • We have designed the training day to get you to full speed in one day. If, however you wish to become Klipfolio Certified, we can look into this and change the training day a bit to match this need (if more people want this). Let us know beforehand.

When will the Klipfolio training day take place?

For upcoming training days, drop us a line: training@cervinomarketing.nl

What you will learn

We will try to give you as many of our best practices and learnings we developed over the last 3 years (designing and creating over 200 dashboards and thousands of tabs and klips). During the Klipfolio training day, we will take you through the following learnings:

Dashboard design essentials

  • How to tell a compelling story with your data
  • How to structure your dashboard for optimal readability
  • What to leave out of your dashboard (see some of our examples here)

How to get the right data in

  • How to connect the datasources the right way
  • How to use CVS, XLS, JSON
  • How to use Web services (Google Analytics, Adwords, and your own applications)
  • How to connect data via ftp, Google Drive, Dropbox, manual file upload and e-mail

How to set up tabs, klips, users, groups and roles

  • When to use (and when not to use) a table, graph, gauche chart, bullet charts, spark lines and more options Klipfolio has in store.

How to use the formula editor

  • How and when to use Klipfolio’s default grouping, sorting and filtering options (and when not to)
  • Custom grouping, sorting and filtering
  • Combining multiple datasources (like Google analytics product sales versus CRM product sales)
  • Advanced: Using and converting date formats, to show trend lines and time comparison (current versus last year, etc.)
  • Advanced: Xpath essentials (for those who dare to go there)
  • Advanced: Using user input controls

How to give your dashboard the finishing touch

  • Setting indicators to highlight important chances
  • Advanced: Custom styling via CSS

Room for free format & interactivity

  • It will be an interactive workshop where we will fanatically share our knowledge with you. Hopefully the participants will share their knowledge too.
  • We will reserve plenty of time during the day and at the end of the training day to dive into any issue you might have in your daily work building dashboards in Klipfolio.

When will the Klipfolio training day take place?

For upcoming training days, drop us a line: training@cervinomarketing.nl