Voor-en nadelen van Klipfolio

We use Klipfolio for visualisation of marketing, sales and CRM data coming from different systems. What makes it THE tool for us is that Klipfolio is really flexible. It is possible to connect to any datasource in many different ways and to visualise the data in many different form, shape, color and size. In this review klipfolio pros cons article, we will briefly compare Klipfolio to Geckoboard.

Klipfolio Marketing Dashboards

Compared to Geckoboard, Klipfolio will take you a lot further. For our development team, Klipfolio also offers technical flexibility. This allows us to customise the data-connections and dashboards using scripts and procedures. This saves a lot of time and enables to create and deploy dashboards better and faster for our clients. Our clients love the way Klipfolio shows the data. It is very easy to interpret and read and looks good on TV screens, Desktop screens and Tablets.


  1. Flexibility in look & feel, calculations and IT connectivity
  2. Very smooth interface for creating new dashboards, tabs and klips
  3. Price for one account is good
  4. Great support team
  5. Many new features and options developed on a regular basis


  1. Easy to get started, but there is a learning curve if you want to go beyond the essentials
  2. Custom CSS styling options come at a premium price
  3. Pricing per account only goes down beyond 10+ users

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